13/05/17 Exercise 4.2

Chose a day you can spend out and about looking with no real agenda. be conscious of how images and texts are presented to you in the real world.

DHL advert happy person receiving a package with the Anchor of how good they are

Ray Ban. All the popular, famous people wear Ray Ban and win awards. Just the manufacturer and an image of something that looks like an Emmy

Not sure what the power is but they are all happy having their lives energised by what ever it is

Why are Nuns always projected as bad in habits?

The picture of Venice under the words ties us into the idea of the play and where it is set

I find this one interesting. He probably is dead but the only image is when he is young and will be remembered as this image. The text over it highlights this that he will only ever be remembered as this.


Advertising images normally have the text relating directly to the product or service they do not give any flexibility into how the image is read. If we take the Merchant of Venice shot. If it were just the image this may have multiple meanings. A quiet night on the canals, pleasant holidays. pigeons in St Marks Square. However with the title of the play across it we automatically know what the image is about.

The faces of Cambridge Add locks us into the face and the time and the fact that he is dead. probably at a young age. We are, however, allowed to consider the maner of his death, what his life would have been like if he had lived. We can surmise what he would look like now

13/05/17 Ingrid Pollard

Whilst researching text in images I came across a number of Artists. This artist has a series “The Cost of the English landscape”


This series is about the Cumbrian coast and the Sellafield nuclear recycling plant. It is intersting the text within these images achours us the the meaning of the image making us think about the plant. To my mind this is a protest statement. The landscape is there some of themost beautiful in the UK with a huge plant in the midst of it. The plant itself is probably forgotton by the majority of the popultion but here Pollard makes us consider the huge cost of having the plant there, with the unknown and long lasting effects of high grade nuclear waste.


13/05/17 Text

I have questions

What do I want the text to do? Quite a simple question but has ramifictaions to what I actually want the work to portray.

Does it need to be there or could it just be an inspirational aspect? In Assignment 4 we are asked to look at poeams or other written pieces that inspire us. Do we need to include the text or can we just use the inspiration.

What questions does it ask and answer? Is this a guide or are we setting up the ability to roam in our heads searching for one or the other.

From this, what feeling does it evoke? What emotion does it engender.? Does the back story change the meaning of the image and give it a different meaning?

Is there a negation within the text that counteracts the meaning of the image. The Verbal and the Visual cancel each other out Berger about looking 2009

Does the text provide an overall frame work for the series or just the image.

Do we want the text and the image to have a conversation, one asking the question and one replying or both askingand replying?

The deconstruction of how text can be used within the image. how it can change the overall meaning of theimage both enhancing the message or making the viewer think about what he is seeing and encouraging them to think more deeply.

I have to be honest and say that in a lot of cases with out a statement form the artist alot of the work we are asked to look at I do not really understand.

Tghis is an intersting article.


12/05/17 Kaylynn Deveney


This is the link to the page on Devenys site relating to these images.

A brief bio on Deveney, she was born in Albuquerque USA and obtained a degree in new mexico. in 1999 she and her boyfriend came to the UK where she studied for a maters in Newport university. The day to Day life of Albert Hastings was the final thesis submission.

I find that the text in these images is more descriptive of what is happening within the images and does not allow, very much for interpretation of the  images except for what they are.

What is more interesting is the series Edith and Len where Deveney has included sections from her journal of the visits to describe the images and how she was feeling. here the text supplements the images rather than explains them to us. It allows for a great deal of filling in with our own story, although it does reflect the conversations and feelings that Deveney was having at the time and the reactions of Edith and Len.

I feel the series is rather sad and the text adds a certain poignancy to them.

09/05/17 Sharon Boothroyd.

If you get married again, will you still love me?

Such an innocent phrase that carries with it so much hurt and confusion.

My wifes parents spilt up when she was a small child. Both parents have remarried but it is interesting to see Boothroyds take on this having seen from personal experience what it is like.


I find the take on these images very interesting. The images, to me reflect the emotion from the children clearly.

I have to say that this is one series of work that I can understand and relate to as I have seen the aftermath of divorce and separation and the confusion that this can cause. I think Boothroyd has brought this to the fore well. She has captured the isolation and emotional turmoil felt by children when they do not really understand what is going on about them and are being asked to understand where their mother has gone. Who is the replacement going to be and will they want to love them. Or will the “new mother” take all of the fathers love and leave them with nothing

08/05/17 David Favrod


This work represents my compulsion to build and shape my own memory. To reconstitute some facts I haven’t experienced myself, but have unconsciously influenced me while growing up.


This is an example of Post memory. memories that we have not experienced but still affect us.

David Favrod was born in 1982 to a japanese mother and Swiss father as a result has frequently asked the question Who am I particularly after being shunned for dual citizen ship. he set out to create his own version of japan in Switzerland.

He is thoughtful about these work and uses fantasy figures from japanese manga and folklore.

His work the Hikari (meaning “the light”) is based on the memories of his grandparents who lived through the war and in particular he seems to rest on the explosion of the Atomic weapon at Hiroshima.

A lot of these images are poignant in that while they do not represent the explosion directly it is clear they have had a profound effect on Favrod as he has gone to some lengths to set out the devastation caused by these weapons.

It is also interesting that he will be using manga and combining this with photography in a future project. Manga is a highly stylised form of japanese cartoon I will be very interested to see how this is worked together and what form it takes. It strikes me this this may be a strong case for relay here as the text element of manga is part and parcel of the form