09/01/17 Moving On


This link is to a fellow students blog about the reason why he is giving up the course. I have, in the past, made a comment or two on his posts relating to this subject.

However, one comment caught my attention this afternoon while I was reading it and I thought about it in relation to a book I was reading and 2+2 really equals 6 in some cases.

In the post, he refers to himself as a documentary photographer. I understand this. I am currently reading Behind the Image (Anna Fox Natasha Caruana AVA Academia) They make mention of documentary photography on page 78.

Now the point this raises is, with all the comments from tutors et al; “broaden the scope of your images”, “look further”, “good, but develop more.”

Is this because I look at photography as a documentary as opposed to an art form?

Don McCullin is a very specific documentary photographer and yet his works are now considered art. At what stage does this happen? I am not that happy with creating works of art, I do not know what works of art are let alone create one. I am fairly sure they are in response to something and this something may be as a result of research done prior to the whole thing starting, ideas run away with themselves and the result is that unless we keep a close eye and record what is going on we lose track of where we are.

The big question is how do I move from the documentary to the art without losing my style of recording. How do I, actually look beyond, How do I develop Ideas with very limited time? If I could sit around with nothing else but think of things then it would be easy to develop ideas in the rush of work and family and other commitments it is not easy.


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